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Researchers Crunched Numbers On A Zombie Outbreak And Decided We'd All Die In About 100 Days

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DM – Zombies could exterminate humanity in less than six months, according to recent research.

Researchers developed a complex new formula which calculates that 100 days into a zombie outbreak, just over 100 survivors will be left uninfected.

And within six months, these stragglers will also die or become zombies themselves.

Students at Leicester University were tasked with calculating the exact amount of time it would take for a zombie virus to infect every individual on Earth.

They developed a mathematical model for disease that predicts how an infection will spread through a population over time.

I tuned out on Walking Dead this year because it just got so depressing watching cliffhangers around people getting their heads beaten in with baseball bats but also because the show seems to be this meandering mess where there’s no hope but also no end in sight for the negative either. Eight years so far of them living mediocrely, occasionally doing some dirty mostly showerless-covered-in-corpse-stank fucking, and trying not to have other humans kill them along with zombies along the way. No scientists being like “There might be a cure!” or even a random dude being “We’ve found their weakness and might be able to take them all out once,” just crippling depression in a zombie apocalypse.

So this is maybe a better alternative? I’ve got moderate faith in myself in a zombie apocalypse solely from a “being willing to do whatever it takes to survive” standpoint if not a “being strong enough at pull ups to run away from hoards of reanimated corpses” standpoint but the idea of having to keep on trucking on for months or years with no end in sight is even worse. At least now I know, gotta hang only only 100 days, maybe a few months more if I’m really jonesing to give a shot to some “We’ve got to repopulate the Earth!” sex. That’s reasonable. I’m the kind of guy who just needs a finish line in sight and whether it’s a cure or the inevitable disgusting end of the world and my own rotting flesh, it’s nice to have an end in mind.

PS Not sure if this study is the most accurate study ever but Leicester City won the Premier League least year and if anyone can overcome all sorts of mathematical odds to predict the longevity of a fictional zombie outbreak, it’s gotta be the miracle kids at Leicester University.