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Bulls With The Same Old Song And Dance In Denver



The one highlight of the night, Facial City, immediately followed by a technical because Taj let his finger tip stay on the rim a split second too long.



I stayed up and watched the entire Bulls game last night. I don’t know why the fuck I did because anyone who knows anything knows that the Bulls don’t win in Denver. They just don’t. Last time was 2006. Basically ancient Rome. And yet I watched the exact same thing plague this team that has plagued this team for the past few years. The Offense just disappeared. 14 points in the 3rd quarter. D-Rose had 15 going into the half and honestly looked like the D-Rose of old. The Pacers game last Saturday he was hitting threes which was awesome, but last night he was driving, finishing at the hoop, and that’s the D-Rose we need. But what happened in the second half? Poof, gone. Finished with 19. And once he’s gone and Deng isn’t lights out everything falls apart. No reliable outside shooting. And yes Jimmy Butler being out is a huge hole, especially when guarding opposing wings, but it was just frustrating.


An all too familiar game on the road. Not sure what the solution is but I also know either the Bulls need to add a piece or just get better overall if competing with the Heat and Pacers for the East is in the cards. Far from doomsday, and I think they will figure it out, but if you don’t think there is a significant gap today, November 22nd, between the Bulls and the top of the East then you’re just flat out wrong.



Also, I know it would never have worked out but watching Nate do Nate things while Marquis Teague did Marquis Teague things (translation, suck at basketball), hurt. Nate is exactly what this team needs in terms of bench points and giving you that random offense that can carry a quarter. Even the quotes by the Nuggets about Nate hurt.




Hell Kirk basically cuddled him to death during a loose ball scramble.




Just Miss you bro, that’s all.




D-Rose filled out a report card for a young Bulls fan last night. 4.0 gpa, nbd.