The NFL Made An Episode Of "A Football Life" For Rod Tidwell And It's Pretty Damn Incredible

Well that was awesome. To be fair, I will immediately like anything with that narrator’s voice like it’s Pavlov’s bell or something. And can you imagine if Rod Tidwell pulled that celebration out in 2017? A bukakke of penalty flags, Twitter outrage and praise out the ass and probably a very stern talking to from Roger Goodell. Now I don’t know if Jay Mohr was meant to look like he hit rock bottom or if this sentence will prevent him from being on any future podcasts, but I actually feel bad for Bob Sugar. Never thought that would happen since that coward motherfucker Cush jumped ship. And how about Jonathan Lipnicki dropping in from the clouds with a cameo? I can’t believe he didn’t keep the lisp and glasses persona going. Dude would be crushing with that look and dropping random fun facts.

And how about Tidwell’s numbers? Four straight seasons of 200+ receptions?!? Did I hear that right? If so, that’s fucking PREPOSTEROUS. Marvin Harrison has the real life record at 143 and he was playing with Peyton Manning, not Boomer Esiason, Kent Graham, and Jake The Snake Plummer. And then it was all over just like that. Tidwell pulled a Dave Chappelle and just ghosted instead of taking all the cash. Truly stranger than fiction.

They also did one of these for Cush but fuck Cush.

Also Kelly Preston is on my Mount Rushmore for hottest movie wives ever. Absolute firecracker.