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The Bears Are Wearing Washington Illinois Football Patches This Weekend For Tornado Victims





Always cool to see when your community bands together like this. Bears showing Washington Illinois pride with the shirts in the press conference, patches on Sunday, and Robbie Gould heading down there on Tuesday . Also, the Rams are donating a full suite to help raise money for the victims. Things like this kind of make you stop and remember not to sweat the small stuff because there is real life shit going on out there.


Also, I mentioned on Monday but if you want to help here are a few inks to do so. Thoughts and Prayers don’t fix houses and save lives. Hopefully we can help Washington get back on it’s feet and rebuild it as soon as possible.


Facebook Link for relief efforts

 Heroes Memorial Foundation,

Red Cross 


Finally, Stoolie Sean, who is from Washington, passed along this picture. Makes you realize that even though its a big world out there, you probably know a Stoolie who has been effected whenever a natural disaster hits. Makes things seem a little smaller and more real.  Viva La Washington.