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The Giants Need "Little Benny With The Good Hair" At Next Week's Playoff Game

I want to give this kid’s parents some sort of award but can we be so sure that this is definitely a kid? I mean there is at least some sort of chance that Ben McAdoo cloned himself and the clone is only the size of a pre-teen boy since Benny was hired less than a year ago, right? I mean everything about Benny Mac has him appearing to be part football coach and part mad scientist. He figured out the sun’s rays in Dallas and uses crazy videos of animals attacking humans to motivate players. Who is to say Ben from Homer doesn’t cross his T’s and dot his I’s by making sure there is another version of him to coach the Giants if God forbid something were to happen to him? I’m not sure if you can speed up a clone’s aging process, but I’m sure Benny will find a way.

Regardless this Mini Me McAdoo is now a good luck charm that needs to be on board for every step of this playoff run coaching the team from the stands while the real Benny Mac coaches his dick off from the sidelines. The Giants go into Washington with nothing on the line other than pride and any joy it would be to send Josh Norman’s big mouth home and they still pick up the W. All the players did their part, Big Ben and Little Ben did their parts, and I did my part by trying out some Christmas gift socks and hat that are now 1-0 and at least an option in the playoff wardrobe.

But I guess there’s a chance none of this matters because the Fanute God said this was going to be a win back in April.

All hail the Fanute God.

Also I’m not sure how I should handle Joe Buck using my Benny With The Good Hair phrase. Can you cease and desist someone if they are friends of the Barstool network and a recurring guest on Pardon My Take?

And now your Moment of Ben.