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Kevin Smith Shared a Note From A Petty Ex-Gf's Mother That Said He'd Never Be A Famous Writer....Oops

First off, shout out to the mother for expressing a level of hate and pettiness rarely seen. Some mothers would maybe make a backhanded comment on your way out, she took it straight to his core. She wrote him a note that burned so deep about how little faith she had in him. Even went as far as to date and sign it, like, this is a fucking declaration, you no-talent fatso.

And writing that note is so bizarre, and so over the top petty that if Kevin Smith wrote this into a movie, I’d shake my head and be like “no chance an ex-girlfriend’s mother would do something like that, shit like that doesn’t happen in real life”. But alas, it does…and unfortunately for the mother, she picked the wrong hombre. Kevin wrote a little film known as “Clerks”, and well, the rest is history.

So happy 2017, stoolies. You can either be Kevin Smith or you can be the bitch ass mother. The choice is yours.