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An Indonesian Pilot Trying To Get On A Flight While Blindingly Drunk Is The Most Relatable Video I've Ever Seen

NY Post – An Indonesian budget airline has fired a pilot who was suspected of trying to fly a plane while he was drunk.

Citilink President Director Albert Burhan also announced Friday that he and the production director would resign over the impropriety. Citilink is a subsidiary of national flag carrier Garuda Indonesia.

On Wednesday, pilot Tekad Purna was preparing to fly an Airbus A320 from Surabaya to the capital, Jakarta, when passengers because suspicious of the slurred words and unclear announcements from the cockpit. Some of them left the plane and asked for a replacement of the pilot they believed to be either drunk or under drug influence. A number of passengers reportedly decided to cancel their flights.

I’ll tell you right where the wheels came off for this pilot (pun initially not intended but now delightfully intended):

Screen Shot 2016-12-30 at 10.20.58 AM

Sure he’s wobbly, sure he seems confused by the very concept of doors…but with those sunglasses on the man is unflappable. You know how it is when you’ve got some polarized Ray Bans on and the world seems like it’s all at your fingertips, a man of mystery who could be hiding a world of hurt in his eyes or sneakily checking out all the cleavage in the room without anyone being the wiser. It’s instant confidence. But you take the sunglasses off and all of a sudden you’re a vulnerable Indonesian pilot who can’t even stand without falling backwards or dropping your things all over the place repeatedly as if you’re doing a bit. It may have resulted in the death of a few people but part of me wishes he was able to keep the sunglasses on and hold it all together, obviously drunk but not as much of a disaster where these people seem so negligent to let him through.

Instead, security people saw that entire performance, gave him a pat on the back and let him go off to transport a hundred or so people. This dude couldn’t even keep his lens in his precious sunglasses and you’re trusting him to fly humans God knows how many hundred miles? It’s a shocker that planes from that region seem to regularly crash or mysteriously disappear like David Copperfield’s the one scheduling flights.