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New Year, Probably Same Pablo Sandoval -- Section 10 Podcast Ep. 65


On Episode 65 of the Section 10 Podcast, the RIP Yoan Moncada episode, we’re saying goodbye to 2016. The boys reflect on the year that was, what went wrong, what went right, and I’d say a lot went right, so that was nice. We finally booked our rooms for Red Sox Winter Weekend at Foxwoods next month, so we go over the plans that we have for the podcast that weekend. Edwin Encarnacion finally signed with a team, so we break down that whole shitshow saga that was his free agent process. Eduardo Rodriguez hurt his knee again, so we rant on players playing in tournaments during the offseason. And then we dive into the listener questions, which consist of which Red Sox player we would most and least like to have a threesome with, who’s the most likely to accidentally leak a sex tape, predicting Red Sox players’ New Years resolutions, who I’m most likely to have a confrontation with at Winter Weekend, why the Red Sox haven’t had a jersey presentation for Chris Sale, and if Pablo Sandoval and I could ever repair our damaged relationship. All that, and more.

Leave your Red Sox reactions throughout the week on our voicemail, and they could be used at the end of the show: 781-366-0950.