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Don't Tell This Slovakian Couple On The Kiss Cam That Romance Is Dead

Night after night, millions of people across the world are victims of staged kiss cam routines at professional sporting events. We have seen countless amounts of said staged routines exposed for what they truly are on this very website. It’s a real epidemic in today’s society. But last night at the USA v Slovakia World Juniors game, one Slovakian couple taught us that sometimes the kiss cam can bring us some truly beautiful moments.

That right there is a couple that is going to make it the distance. A man who loves his beer and a woman who loves him for it. He went to the game last night to do two things. 1) Get drunk, and 2) watch his beloved nation get curb stomped by the US of A. And considering the game was already out of hand at that point, all he had left was what was really important to him. And she just sits there giggling like, “oh, there goes Andrej being Andrej again. That’s my man”.

Vine via Marina