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Donald Trump Now Thanking Donald Trump On Twitter

Yes basically everyone’s on break right now so there’s no need to delve into politics here but I couldn’t let this fantastic third-person thanking himself Donald Trump tweet slide. No chance. This tweet was actually super normal until he snuck “Thanks Donald!” on the end of it. Goes from a standard human being tweet to a classic Make America Great Again Donald Trump tweet in just 2 words.

This is the change we all sought. This is the change we all needed. Enough of this culture where you’re supposed to feel shame for being successful. Where making money and doing good shit is an indictment on your moral character. Fuck that. That’s out. Now not only should you feel great about success, but you should actually publicly thank yourself for it.

PS — Trump’s also been sneaking in random jabs at Barry ever since he said he woulda won the election. Good stuff.