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People Are Very Upset About This "Insensitive" Cinnabon Tweet Regarding Carrie Fisher's Death

Screen Shot 2016-12-27 at 5.56.14 PM

Yup, that’s a real headline in 2016. People are mad at a pasty company’s twitter account for a completely harmless tweet about a celebrities death. They had to delete the tweet, the person who tweeted it will probably get fired, and the twitter mob will be satisfied for 5 seconds until the next “insensitive” person comes along. No joking anymore guys, nope, someone might get their feelings hurt. God forbid your favorite hot bun company crosses the imaginary line, how can I ever take my children to Cinnabon again? A conversation probably occurring right this second.

By the way, props to Smashmouth for owning the fuck out of Carrie Fisher’s death. Rest in Peace also POW here’s our logo.

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