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Jets Fan Celebrates Field Goal That Cuts The Pats Lead To 41-3


Is there anything better than murdering the Jets and watching their entire franchise disintegrate before our eyes?  I swear it never gets old.  Buttfumble game, killing Fireman Ed and now this debacle.  You got Jets fans going bananas after a field goal that cuts the Pats lead to 41-3.   You got the entire locker room sqawking at each other.  Everybody saying everybody should be embarrassed.  It’s fucking awesome.   And where is KFC to discuss all this?  He’s doing some Xmas eve shit.   What am I doing on the first night of Hanukkah?   I’m blogging.  And that’s why Jews own Hollywood, the banks and I own Barstool.   Cause money never sleeps and neither does blog life. Hey Shea you’re welcome.