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PK Subban Celebrates His First Christmas In Nashville The Only Way He Knows How

When the Canadiens traded PK Subban to the Predators this past summer, the biggest impact felt by the city of Montreal wasn’t felt on the ice but off the ice. Subban dedicated his entire career in Montreal to helping the kids at the Montreal Children’s Hospital. It’s all been well documented on this site before from the $10 million donation he sent to the hospital, to the Christmas party he would throw for the kids every year. So now that PK has been shipped out of town and down to Nashville, he’s already starting to make a difference for the kids down there.


Sure, PK Subban gets a ton of publicity out of these events so it’s not a completely selfless act on his part. But it can never be stated enough that he’s one of a kind. He doesn’t have to do any of this. But he realizes that he has a great opportunity to make a shit ton of money playing the game that he loves and takes it upon himself to give back to the kids. If you hate on that, then you’re a bigger scrooge than Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien combined.

Santa Subban. Total beauty.

P.S. – Yeah yeah yeah, I know Shea Weber has been working out perfectly fine in Montreal. And as far as a hockey player for hockey player trade goes, it’s an even swap at worst for the Habs. But still.

P.P.S. – sticking with the theme of holiday cheer, how about our boy Jack Jablonski getting back on the ice and putting the biscuit in the basket? Celly and everything. Atta boy, Jack.