Christmas Eve Redskins vs Bears Lots On The Line Live Blog

Screen Shot 2016-12-24 at 11.30.13 AM

I feel like the Redskins just played yesterday and this game crept in out of nowhere. But such is life, the Skins need to take care of business today in order to stay in the playoff hunt:

It’s not thatttt crazy of a scenario, but it’s also not the best. All the Skins can do is win out and hope the dominos fall their way. It starts today in Chicago vs a shitty Bears team, but as Big Cat has told me time and time again, something something something BEAR WEATHER.

The Skins are also without Jordan Reed (shoulder, leg, concussion, hand) so that sucks. The secondary is a bunch of nobodies, and I feel like everyone is banged up this late in the season on a short week, but the Skins should still be able to win this puppy on the road. If not, we’re on to the offseason.