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Joe Mixon Apologizes For Smashing In A Girl's Face On News-Dump-Friday 2 Days Before Christmas

Listen I hate Joe Mixon and think this whole situation was disgusting but I will say this, as far as apologies go, that was an A+. You can tell when someone is faking because their PR team/agent/coach/whoever told them to apologize and when someone actually feels sorry. Joe Mixon seemed sorry. So credit to him.

I’m here for a situation that occurred about two and a half years ago. Basically, I’m just here to basically apologize to Ms. Molitor. Like I said, I’m here to apologize to Ms. Molitor, apologize to coach Stoops, apologize to president Boren, the A.D., my teammates, most of all my family. I let a a lot of people down.

There’s no way you should hit a female. period. Even a male. At the end of the day, there’s no way you should hit a female. Period. And I reacted wrong and, like I said, I apologize to Ms. Molitor, and the people that it affected. The fans. Her family. My family. And that’s it.

However taking into account this was done on news-dump-Friday, and not only that but on the news-dump-Friday two days before Christmas, covered by one TV channel and on a day where I know for a fact literally nobody is reading the internet, I will dock some points leaving him with an official letter grade of C+. Slightly above average apology all things considered.