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#48) Apparently Erika's First Order Of Business Was To Demote KFC, Kmarko And Me To "Underlings"

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Full Story from Todd HERE

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Hey what the fuck, TODDDDDD. I haven’t worked my ass off, grinding, blogging, starving (not actually starving), to be called a fucking underling. I’m at bare minimum a simple “employee”, and maximum “unnamed blogger/competitive eater”, but underling? That hurts man. Underlings go get coffee and run errands. Underlings walk around with a notepad in their boss’s shadow.

Hey Todd, pop quiz hot shot, would an underling spend the last 4 years gaining weight just so that we could hide the new CEO behind him on her big day? This announcement literally does not happen without my body. How do you announce a new hire besides the old fat guy disappearing magic trick?

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 1.02.13 PM

So with all due respect Todd, please take a hike, Todd.


In reality this has Davey P-views written all over it. Todd probably asked for our names and he just said, don’t worry about it, put underling, my big huge big awesome big brain is all that matters.