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#38) What Does It Mean That Chaps Was The Only Employee To Make Sure I Was Okay After The Chelsea Dumpster Bomb Went Off In New York?


So as everybody knows there was a bomb that went off in New York on Saturday Night. Now we got a terrorist on the loose. (sidenote I’ve seen 8 cab drivers this morning that I”m pretty sure fit the description of this dude) Anyway the bomb was actually only like a 5 minute walk from where I live. No biggie. Only a bombing basically across the street from my apartment. You know how many people called to make sure I was okay? 1. 1 fucking person. And it was our newest employee Chaps. I guess it’s true what they say. Guys with purple hearts and those who hire them have a special bond. But seriously what about the rest of the crew? What if died in that explosion? Then what? I almost wish I died just to watch the chaos unfold. Good luck building our app, finishing our office, getting the TV’s to work, hiring interns, selling shit and doing everything else without me. They probably would have been weeping in those confessionals about how they never thanked me for giving them a life. More importanlty you could of kissed bagel Mondays goodbye. Fuck them. I wish I died just to let them marinate in guilt the rest of their lives.

* Bagel Mondays were rained out today. I couldn’t carry my umbrella, coffee and bagels.