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#8) Is JJ Watt Trolling Us At This Point?

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So JJ Watt posted this last night. Peak Watt. Literally the checklist of everything that makes him the worst.

-Text from family member (yes JJ loves his family, nbd, shout out to his grandma!).

-“Putting things into perspective”, no one on planet earth puts things into perspective more than JJ Watt, his life is just one giant reflective moment trying to gain perspective.

-Teaching the kids that they can achieve anything, which any adult will tell you is complete and utter bullshit. You can work your ass off and still fall short because life ain’t always fair. See, the Texans performance in the playoffs every year.

-Telling the world he still has more goals. “You won’t believe what JJ Watt will do next!” -Buzzfeed/JJ Watt

-The cabin, always remember the cabin where JJ Watt gets his mind and body right for the season, that also is like 3 miles from a Starbucks but it’s a cabin!

-Proud as heck, because saying hell is a swear and a sin.

And after going through the checklist it dawned on me. Is JJ Watt trolling us? I think this is now a real possibility. I just refuse to believe someone can be this tone deaf to how lame he comes across every other day. I mean he’s smart enough to know what a humblebrag is, he knows people call him a hardo, yet he still does this shit. He still tells people how much perspective he’s realized. You know how I know your perspective is a joke? When you have to tell us every 5 minutes that you’re staying humble and just getting perspective on life.

So that leads me to 2 conclusions. 1, JJ Watt truly does want to be a real life superhero and thinks tweeting a text from his brother talking about trophies and accomplishments is a way to motivate children. Or 2, he’s trolling us. At this point I’m not sure, I could go either way. My gut says he’s not smart enough to troll people but I also don’t understand how someone can consistently be so lame. Guess the only solution here is to play some Fort Minor and get some perspective on this whole thing.