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Go Skiing They Said, It'll Be Fun They Said

ABC with the super dramatic music! I feel bad for laughing at that kid because those were some blood-curdling screams. I felt better about it when he started being a dick about it and kicking his legs all over the place. Chill out dude. The latter is right there. You’re about to get rescued and that’s the moment you flip out and almost cause yourself to fall? Kids are so stupid and I’m glad I don’t have any. If kids weren’t stupid they wouldn’t get themselves caught in a situation like that. This is also a lesson in putting yourself out there and trying new things. Don’t do that. That’s how you end up dangling out of a ski lift like you’re in an action movie. You know how many times I’ve gotten stuck in a ski lift in my apartment? Zero and I’m here every day. Lesson learned kid.