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The Top 50 Barstool Blogs Of 2016 Countdown

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How did YOU spend your holiday?

I spent mine taking a bunch of adderall and going through every blog written and posted on Barstool Sports dot com in the year 2016 and taking my favorites and organizing them into a top 50 countdown. Family time is overrated IMO.

I also had every writer send me a list of their personal favorite blogs, and even talked to some of the people on the sales and tech side to get an outside perspective. Finally, I threw it up to Twitter to see which blogs stuck with people that may have flown under the radar. Most of the responses just confirmed the obvious ones, but I also remembered some gems that had slipped my mind. Believe it or not it’s surprisingly hard to remember all the things you’ve written when you’re posting 5-15 blogs a day, 5 days a week for an entire year.

Kicks of tomorrow at 10 AM and ends on New Years Day with the #1 blog of the year.


Also just some ground rules for the questions and complaints that are going to come up. This countdown is for BLOGS only. Not videos. Not “occurrences.” Not “top moments.” Just written blogs. Almost every one is on the longer side, the Barstool version of longform. Others were crucial parts of Barstool storylines that dominated the year. None were picked just because they got a ton of pageviews or had good stats. These are just the top 50 funniest, most important or just overall best Barstool posts of the year.

And if you don’t see your favorite one come up…it’s most likely because I just flat out forgot it. I mean there’s a LOT of fucking blogs this year. If anything I blame you for not tweeting it to me to remind me so, if you’re upset by anything, just look in the mirror.