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OBJ Handles Giants' Loss Well. And by "Well" I Mean He Bashed His Head Against the Wall


PFTFor weeks, we haven’t really talked that much about Odell Beckham Jr.’s emotions.

But the were raw and exposed Thursday night, with the Giants wide receiver literally beating his head against a wall and screaming to himself before being ushered into the locker room after the Giants’ loss to the Eagles.

According to Paul Schwartz of the New York Post, Beckham stood angrily in the tunnel “emitting guttural sounds of anguish in a display of utter frustration,” before hitting his head against a steel wall three times. Team security and co-owner John Mara steered him toward the locker room, where he cooled off and became merely really sad.

“You want to come in here and take care of business and we didn’t do that tonight, but it’s not the end of the season,’’ Beckham said.

I’ve not been the world’s biggest Odell Beckham Jr. fan. While I concede the man can play him some tackle football, way too much of the hype about him is about where he plays, not what he’s done. The New York market is starving for a superstar, so he gets way more attention than he would if he was doing the exact same shit in say, Tampa or Houston. Take that fucking catch from two years ago, the one they’re still constantly showing and talking about, even though it came in a game the Giants lost on the way to a 6-10 season. Meaning if  OBJ had never gotten out of bed that morning, it would have had zero effect on the NFL season. And it’s not like he’s handling all the fame well at all, between the excessive celebration penalties nonsense and that proposing-to-the-kicking-net nutjobbery. I think he’s at best mercurial, and at worst a complete crackpot who’s sanity is not long for this world.

That said, I can’t hate what he did here. He’s mad enough about losing a big game to go all Raging Bull in the locker room? That’s my kind of crazy. It’s not like he’s bitching about his touches or something. He hated losing that game. Pro football could use a more guys bashing their skulls against walls over tough losses. I’d take a roster of players willing to splatter the locker room with their brains than a bunch of droopy-eyed Jay Cutlers sleepwalking their way around the place.

So good for Beckham. I still think he’s a kook, but I admire the passion. He can drink from my canteen anytime.