Who Cares If Odell Beckham Jr. Was Growling To Himself After Last Night's Game?

What, people can’t growl anymore without getting picked apart? I fucking love having a growler on my team. When there’s a scrum for the ball, nobody wants to be dealing with a growler. A growler may bite, may pinch, or may even give you a fucking fish hook. Your head is on a swivel at all times when there is a known growler near. And when your head is on a swivel, you are not at your best. Those are just simple facts. Especially when that growler allegedly banged his head against a steel wall after the game. The Benny Mac mind games have made their way to the locker room and I love it. You are worrying about what they may do if that growl becomes a roar. Plus Odell is probably just making those sounds because he is minimum 50% alien. You don’t do the stuff he does on the football field by being from this planet. Give me growler Odell over any of the other non-growler receivers in football. And lets talk about this growl for the next week instead of the fact that this dude just keeps setting records and doing whatever he can to carry this sad sack offense. So keep intimidating the other teams however you want, ODB. Growl, bang your head on a wall, or pop some Alka Seltzer in your mouth.

That being said, even the biggest growler in the world has to realize when the boss is near. John Mara looked like he just watched Big Cat piss his pants. A little bit of terrified and a whole lot of what the fuck.