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The Flyers And Devils Are Really Getting Into The Holiday Spirit Tonight

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

All in the first period tonight. It’s been a few years since I’ve really been able to hate New Jersey. Neither the Flyers nor the Devils have been very good the past few seasons so the rivalry sort of died down. But now? Well it’s nice to have that hatred back in my life. It feels right. The world seems to make more sense when I hate the Devils. I’m sure the feeling is mutual. But yeah, last game before the Christmas break for the Flyers and they’re looking like they’re about to get a bunch of coal in their stockings.

As for the actual hockey portion of that period, the Flyers have sucked. Worst period they’ve played in a long long time. Terrible turnovers, not generating anything offensively. It was tough to watch. But the fights are always fun. Make Hockey Violent Again.

Hopefully they put on a little extra foil during the intermission and come out flying in the 2nd. Fuck Scott Stevens.