Mac Daddy Santa aka Tiger Woods Is Back Baby!!

LET’S GOOOOO! Look I really wasn’t 100% sure Tiger was back. Yeah he looked pretty good and pretty healthy in the Bahamas and he finished inside the top-15 (there were only 17 players) but I wasn’t sold. History is a real thing and the fact is he’s a bit of a band-aid so I just wasn’t sure. And he finished with a 76 so I wasn’t quite ready to hit PLACE BET on Eldrick winning the 2017 Grand Slam.

But then Mac Daddy Santa showed up and I’m ALL. FUCKING. IN. What a year this year is going to be for the world of golf. Fuck off 2016 — it’s 2017/Tiger Woods’/MD Santa’s turn and nothing’s gonna stop this train. Make Sundays Great Again indeed.