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LeGarrette Blount Plus Tom Brady Equals Straight Fire

Chillin wit the #Goat

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To steal a phrase from Curt Schilling, there’s just so much awesome here. There just aren’t enough “o”s in the word “smooth” to describe it.

You know how there’s that level of handsomeness where everyone around you looks like a compost heap? Well Tom Brady has achieved this higher plane of existence where everyone around him reflects his glow like the other bodies in the solar system reflect the sun. I bet LeGarrette Blount spent zero time getting this outfit together and under any other circumstances he’d look like an unmade bed. But put him in Brady’s orbit and he looks like the cover of GQ’s first “Track Suit Fashion” issue.

Now the challenge for me is to do something with “Chillin wit the #Goat.” Make it my Facebook status. Cut a rap song by that title. Buy a boat I don’t want, just to name it that. Or better yet, re-purpose this picture I took near his house playing The Country Club. It’s how all of TB12’s closest bros refer to him now.  

Chillin wit the #Goat

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