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God Bless Canadians


Taking the ‘boni out to the drive-thru to grab a cup of Timmy’s. Doesn’t get much more Canadian than that. Just seems like a real great change of pace up North. Sometimes you have to treat yourself after resurfacing the ice on your backyard rink. No better way to do that than with some Tim Horton’s. Maybe spike it with some Molson and then you’re in for a wild night. This probably wasn’t even the only Zamboni out on the road that day. Sometimes people here in America opt to ride bicycles or motorcycles instead of cars. In Alberta, they take the Zamboni out for a spin.

And even if this does end up just being some viral marketing stunt by the good people over at, it’s still so perfectly Canadian. Just hope this hoser didn’t get caught up in this traffic mess.


When Todd and Gordo become real life.