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Sucks When You Can't Go A Day At Work Without Your Head Getting Taken Off By An Airplane

You wake up, you shower, you get coffee, you go into work…and the whole time all you hope is that you make it through the day without getting decapitated by a plane. It’s not that much to ask. But some days, you aren’t that lucky. Some days you are looking down at your phone, playing some Angry Birds, and a god damn airplane takes your head off.

Now, what I don’t understand is why the person didn’t just duck. Or simply dip his head. Or anything. The video is slowed down so maybe he didn’t have time….which is a case of some bad luck. Sucks when a plane runs your ass over. On the other hand though, it’s very rare to be able to tell people you got run over by a plane, so that’s kinda cool.

PS: Reminded me of the scene from Austin Powers: