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Showing Up At Your Ex's Wedding And Putting Pictures Of Her Blowing You At Every Table Is Something Of A Power Move

I’m not gonna sit here and condone this behavior. Showing up and shoving your dick next to everyone’s entree is a fucking up mood, that’s not up for debate.




If you were looking to ruin a wedding… doesn’t look like a bad way? I mean you’ve heard stories (when I say “heard stories” I often mean “seen movies”) about the ex showing up and doing some dumb shit like professing his love or objecting to the wedding as a whole. Everyone laughs or shoos him off and then the ceremony continues. Screaming baby I love you is shooting BBs at an air craft carrier. Your dick, though? It’s a marvelous tool. It relieves piss, creates life, and, if shown to a groom on his wedding day in his bride-to-be’s mouth, starts wars. This ended the wedding QUICKFAST and left a path of destruction in its wake, the likes of which we haven’t seen since Sherman came to town.

So I’m not saying this is a “cool” move, but it’s not a dumb one.

PS – What’s with the bride’s brother being like, “Lol, prob just the groomsmen playing a little joke where they put pictures of my sister sucking a cock. Classic joke.”

PPS – Oh how weddings have changed. In the old days brides worried if they’d be able to pleasure their new husband, nowadays they worry that their ex will show up with pics of his dick in her mouth.