Chinese Teacher In A Smidge Of Trouble For Forcing His Students To Take Their Exam Outside In Heavy Smog

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Hong Kong (CNN)- Open your booklets, pick up your pencils and put on your pollution masks — it’s test time for one smog-covered school in China. The Linqi County No.1 High School in the Chinese province of Henan has been under fire after photographs surfaced online showing students taking exams on a playground in a thick gray haze. The school made hundreds of its eighth grade students — who are around 14 years old — take a test on Monday, despite the bureau of education issuing a notice to suspend school activities, according to Chinese state media. Feng Jisheng, the headmaster of the high school, was asked by the school board to suspend his duties, according to Chinese state broadcaster CCTV. 


This is one of those things where the guy who’s in trouble is actually the smartest dude in the whole ordeal. People wanting this teacher punished have it completely backwards. Making kids take tests outside when the smog is at RED ALERT is genius. Making kids inhale that shit into their lungs with every breath is genius. How else are they gonna learn about pollution? How else are they gonna understand that smog is a real fucking problem in their country and somebody needs to fix it? Running inside and hiding from the smog isn’t gonna make it go away. Simply ignoring a problem and hoping it goes away doesn’t work. Trust me, I’ve been trying that strategy my whole life and it ends very very poorly every single time. All this teacher is trying to do is face the smog problem head on and educate the youth. And you know what? I guaran-fucking-tee that the person who solves the smog problem in China will be one of those 8th graders. Guarantee it. It won’t be the people hiding inside under their covers away from the smog. It’ll be one of those kids who felt it pierce their lungs. Smartest teacher in the world.