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A HUGE Brawl Erupted At A Wedding After The Bride's Ex Put Pictures Of Her Blowing Him 2 Days Earlier On All The Guest Tables

Jesus fucking Christ, I haven’t seen a mollywhopper like that since the halftime scholarship contest of the Boca Raton Wet the Beak Ponzi Scheme Awareness Bowl presented by Pardon My Take presented by Barstool Sports. Chairs being cracked over skulls, fists of fury everywhere and about the same amount of blood that Glenny Balls lost from his finger on Tuesday night.

As for the combatants, I hope that the groom ended up beating the shit out of the ex. Not because the ex got head from his chick after her fiance spent God knows how much money on an engagement ring or because of true love or some shit. But because this ex had two full days to drop this bomb. Even during the ceremony when the priest said “Does anyone object to these two getting married?” the ex could have shown the priest a picture of the bride giving him head and I would be fine with it. If the ex had done that, at least the husband could have cancelled the reception and gotten at least like 10% of his money back which is like thousands upon thousands of dollars. It’s bad enough that you had to waste months of your life planning your wedding with a chick that would suck a dude’s dick 48 hours before your wedding, let alone after you flushed all your savings down the toilet for a big party. I just hope everyone at least got to dance to “Shout” before the brawl went down. “Shout” is the highlight of every wedding.

Anyway, unveiling those blowjob pics during the ceremony is as savage as it gets. And don’t get me wrong, I have to tip my cap to the ex for pulling off such a rotten, diabolical move. But if you pull a stunt like that, you better expect the groom to go full beast like Chris Farley did after he was told he was drinking decaffeinated Colombian coffee crystals.

P.S. I imagine this video was from last weekend. But if by some chance it from was last night, the marriage should have instantly been annulled due to Wednesday weddings being maybe the worst things of all-time.