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So We Randomly Have The Most Important Basketball In The World In The Office

Screen Shot 2016-12-22 at 1.30.58 AM

Yesterday this basketball was randomly being kicked around the office. Knocked over a couple of bottles of Oakheart, was being dribbled between Coley’s legs, hit Nardini in the face, normal shit like that. We just thought it was some random ball in the office, who cares, it’s a basketball and we are a bunch of stupid white people. But apparently little did we know it’s something close to the most important basketball of all time

Kansas City - In a news release, the sports equipment company Spalding said it has created a digital campaign called “Honor The Game,” which celebrates the anniversary. The company also created commemorative basketballs, but there are just 125 of them that they are giving to various people.


DeMar DeRozan is sending them to Kobe as gifts? Chris Paul is proud to have one? And we just have one being kicked around the office, being bounced off Glenny Balls’ belly, just for shits and giggles? Should I be stealing this thing and putting it up on eBay to pay off my student loans? How do we have number 18 of 125, and the other people with them are Kobe and Chris Paul?

I’ll tell you what. For every stupid as fuck thing we do, it all adds up. Brick by brick, I believe they say. And now we are playing kickball with a rare as shit basketball, and it’ll probably be popped and in the trash by next week. The Barstool difference indeed.