Grayson Allen Is The Best Thing To Happen To College Basketball In 2 Decades

“The world needs villains so there can be heroes,”

So Grayson Allen was doing Grayson Allen stuff last night. Social media freaked the fuck out. Everybody calling for his head. People want him kicked out of college basketball and thrown in jail. I fucking love it. The world doesn’t need less Grayson Allen. It needs more. Duke needs Grayson Allen. College basketball needs Grayson Allen. I need Grayson Allen. He is the perfect villain. He has the perfect name. He plays for the perfect school. And the way he acts is perfect. Tripping people, flopping, throwing tantrums etc. It’s all so perfectly Duke I can’t even stand it. Without guys like these sports are boring. Grayson Allen is becoming appointment television. He is the guy everybody loves to hate. It’s like he came out of a comic book or something. I personally haven’t decided whether I love him or I hate him, but I love that he exists. And anybody who says otherwise is a liar.