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Odell Beckham Jr. Is Proudly Repping His "Benny With The Good Hair" Shirt

Victor Cruz loves his too


Oh no big deal, just the greatest athlete, dancer, and if we are being honest entertainer in the universe rocking a shirt paying homage to the most beautiful patch of lettuce on God’s green Earth that happens to be on the head of the 2016 NFL Rookie Head Coach of the Year. And if anyone knows good hair, it’s Odell. I feel like 30% of athletes have attempted to imitate the Odell Beckham haircut at some point in their careers. But The Benny haircut is impossible to reproduce without Edward Scissorhands, a blowtorch, and a brain so full that of knowledge that it can only focus on winning football games to stay sane.

Gotta love how much fun this team is having right now. Loose as fuck. And we all know what happens when the Giants are having fun in December during the Eli Manning Era. We are coming for that ass Philly and we aren’t stopping until we get to Houston. Giants by infinity tomorrow night.

And if you want to wear the same shirts as the motherfucking Starboy named Odell, I know just the place to get them.

First up we have the brand new, just off the internet printing presses Benny With The Good Hair hoodies:



Of course the classic Benny With The Good Hair tee shirts:



And shirts for the ladies because everyone and their mother loves Benny from the block:



Giants by infinity times infinity. Those helmets are even prettier than they were in the 80s and 90s. I’ve been waiting all day for Thursday night.

One more time just because: