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Lena Dunham Blames Her Abortion "Joke" On Her "Delusional Girl Persona"

Ok first things first, that “I wish I had an abortion” line wasn’t a joke the way some news outlets are reporting it. It may have been an exaggeration. It may have not been intended to be taken literally. But it wasn’t a “joke.” It wasn’t an attempt at humor that missed. Not like it was a punch line that bombed. It was a warped way of thinking that she’s now back tracking on. But let’s not act like this is a comedian who took a chance on a joke and missed. This is just an asshole who said some weird, dumb shit and is now scrambling for an excuse.

And let me tell you – in the history of excuses, blaming your behavior on your “delusional girl persona” is maybe the worst one ever. I mean what a fucking JOKE. Oh that wasn’t me talking that was my delusional girl persona that sometimes says super dumb, insensitive shit! Get fucking LOST you lumpy mound of pizza dough. That’s like me saying something rude and prejudice and then being like “lol that was just my inner douchebag talking!” Hey Lena your inner asshole was talking because that’s what you are. A fucking asshole.

And so today, December 22nd, in the year of our lord 2016, I am finally ready to call it. Finally ready to proclaim the end of Lena Dunham. This is a fight I have been fighting a long time. This a crusade that has taken up years of my life. And over the last 12 months or so a lot of people have joined the movement. A lot of people have seen just how big of a fucking asshole she is. And particularly over the last few months every single story has been worse than the previous one. So I think the general public is ready to finally declare “fuck this chick.” Even the liberal, democratic far left I think will finally realize this chick STINNNKKSS. Literally and figuratively. I think theres a strong chance Lena smells like wet dirty laundry that was left in the washer overnight. But this is it. This is the last straw. Some were late to the party, but now we’re all in the same room making fun of this chick for being a big, pale asshole.