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Jerry Lewis Acting Like An Old Curmudgeon In A 7-Minute Long Cringeworthy Interview Is Absolutely Fantastic

THR- The Hollywood Reporter set out to interview 10 nonagenarians in the business — people in their 90s and beyond still vital and working — and nine of the interviews went great. One was a trainwreck. I had a bad feeling about how the conversation with Jerry Lewis was going to go the second I walked into his Vegas house — the interview was scheduled for a few off days in his touring schedule — and saw him watching TV with his headphones on. He looked angry. I already knew Lewis’ reputation for being difficult and acerbic with his audiences and in interviews. And he’s a well-known control freak. Throughout the photo shoot, Lewis complained about the amount of equipment in the house, the number of assistants and how the shots were set up. By the time we sat down for the interview about an hour later, Lewis had worked up a full head of steam, and it seemed like he was punishing THR by doing the interview but being as uncooperative as possible.

Can you imagine being on this Earth for 90 goddamn years and having to deal with all the nonsense and bullshit that comes along with it and all you get for it is becoming an old man? Your body is basically toast, you smell like an old person, and most, if not all of your friends are dead. Plus Jerry Lewis was friends with people like Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin back in the day. If you hung out with those two, you were never bringing home the prettiest girl. But ol’ Jerry is still kicking and making #content, even if it that interview was harder to watch than Meet The Parents (which is a classic but somehow even harder to watch now than it was back in the day with all that cringing). Jerry just chops off the interviewer at the knees every time. Mutombo finger after Mutombo finger. When Jerry said Vegas hasn’t changed since 1947, I knew he was officially trolling. Sure it’s always been the home for whatever could be considered debauchery in its day. But the difference between Mo Green’s Vegas and the pool parties at Rehab or whatever the fuck is the hottest party is these days is night and day. Keep doing you, Jerry. I hope I live to be old enough where I can just act like a dick and it’s socially acceptable (obviously a 0.00000000000% chance that happens by the way).