Gotta Respect The Nonchalantness From This Cricket Security Guard After Barehanding A Catch

That a guy. Way to not only grab that can of corn but +1000 for acting like you’ve been there before. It’s justifiable to give a little smirk and not look like you’re about to play one of the enemy’s minions in the next Taken movie. Still, I have zero idea what’s going on besides those Cricket balls are solid as a rock. That’s one hard wicked googly coming towards him at Ludicrous Speed. If a cricket or baseball is scorched directly at you and you willingly avoid it, you’re a first class pussy. That’s not hardo, that’s Being A Man 101. You don’t want to be that guy on the Friday Non-Top-10 who ducks last minute only to have a child or grandmother get faced with a mini-cannonball. Am I scared shitless when an absolute screamer comes my way without a glove, hat, or beer to try and catch it? Of course. But you still gotta go for gold. Even if it essentially guarantees the wife’s gonna be opening your ketchup bottles the rest of your life.

Good thing he’s got more in him than a Phillies ballgirl or else that googly would’ve ricocheted and taken out numerous heads in the crowd. Hey, honey, you know that over-sized, leather thing you have perfectly molded to your hand? It’s like an oven mitt but it’s used for catching baseballs. Might want to try it out next time.