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This Lady's Reaction To A Woman Proposing To Her Girlfriend Is Very Sweet

Listen I’m not saying all older people aren’t comfortable with gay couples. Or gay couples getting engaged and married. That’s not what I’m saying. I wanna make that clear. What I am saying is that there are definitely more than a few old people out there who are still getting used to the idea (and some who reject the idea completely and will until the day they die which will be sooner than later). That’s totally fine. They grew up in a different era and a different reality just like there will be things when we all get older to which we’ll be like, “Well that’s certainly different.” But that old lady being taken aback by that woman proposing to her girlfriend is very very sweet. Look how happy that lady is! Look at her! That’s pure joy radiating from her face! I’ve never seen a happier person in my life. That’s awesome to see. Some old people are just cool like that. You’ve probably got a couple in your family (or maybe you don’t). Just old people who don’t care who’s fucking who as long as everybody is happy. They just wanna cook food for everybody. That’s what I imagine that old lady in the picture is like.