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Belichick Defuses the Michael Floyd Drunk Video Story as Only Belichick Can


I’ve said it before and I say it now. Bill Belchick is a man of many ingenious talents. But none more so than his power to take all the steam out of a controversy.

You just signed a guy who’s slobbery-drunken OUI arrest video just went viral. The Boston media is howling their righteous indignation. What do you have to say for yourself? 

Nose scratch. Lip smack. “We were aware of his situation when we claimed him.” Lip smack. “He’s got an ongoing legal situation I’m not going to comment on. … We have a lot of things to help a multitude of things … blah blah blah…” His tone and his words are like the knockout gas released by a Batman villain. It renders the assembled media horde unconscious and then he quietly gives them the slip. It’s his classic getaway trick. And it’s how he’s been able to sign other potential distractions from Corey Dillon to Tim Tebow and have the controversy die in the nest. If this had been the Bills say, Rex Ryan would have gone on for 20 minutes about it and just poured jet fuel on the fire. With Belichick’s deft touch, we will never hear another question about Michael Floyd until it’s about his next touchdown catch.

The second best part of this presser was that The Hooded One has the reporters so thoroughly cowed, the Floyd video story was like the tenth question he had to address. The best part was that the guy who finally asked about it was following up a question about this video:

… by saying “Speaking of videos…” The most awkward segue in the history of entertainment. It was just another reminder that Bill Belichick press conferences are the best, longest running live show in New England.