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Ornery Elephant Farts Right On His Pal's Head

Screen Shot 2016-12-21 at 8.39.55 AM

Classic case of getting too angry during a fun game of King of the Mountain. The Farting Elephant took the game too far and got upset because he was kicked off fair and square. I hate to see that but it’s getting more and more common.

Rules are rules. When playing King of the Mountain, the object of the game is to knock the other elephant off the damn mountain. If you don’t like it, don’t play. Don’t go grunting and growling and peacocking all over the place with your flatulence. There’s no reason on earth to do a fart of that level of wetness on another elephant’s head. Just a sickening display of unsportsmanlike conduct during King of the Mountain. Not only is the risk of conjunctivitis or pink eye greatly increased when fecal matter is near the eyes or mouth, but the elephant who got farted on will never live down this shame. Two lives ruined by video voyeurism two days in a row. First we had the longtime stoolie who was jerking it to the San Diego Chargers’ cheerleaders on the sideline, and now this. For shame.