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DeMarcus Cousins Stayed Cool, Calm, And Collected Last Night (Besides Spitting At The Blazers Bench, Getting Ejected, and Going Crazy In A Post-Game Interview)

So close, Boogie. So close to going the whole game without losing his cool. Made it to the most important part of the game- 30 seconds left in the 4th quarter, up by 2, before losing his mind. Close though, gotta give him credit for getting close.

Fortunately for him though he was un-ejected, which is very weird considering he launched that mouthguard with the power of the second spitter. Oh wait, nah, it slipped out and it is RIDICULOUS

If you believe something enough, it becomes true, right? That’s what Boogie is doing. Just say “ridiculous” 100 times and then maybe people will be like “hmmm, maybe it is ridiculous that he was ejected for spitting his mouthguard at the Blazers bench after screaming like an idiot”.

He was probably just mad about this: