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Hottest New Trend For Rich Arab Men - Using Their Pet Lion And Cheetah As An Instagram Accesory








Now this, this is how you accessorize. Fuck Rolex’s and private jets and taking pictures with cash. That shit is so 2012. You want to show your baller status off, impress a bunch of anonymous people you will never meet?  You put your pet Tiger in your Lamborghini, or have your pet lion fake eat your head off. Or better yet, throw your cheetah in the old power boat and cruise around town. That right there is the new definition of “Fuck You” Money. And let’s be honest here, this is nothing short of a win-win all around. Win, we get to see absurd pictures of Arab men flaunting their outrageous wealth in totally ridiculous ways. And win, those same Arab men will undoubtedly be eaten alive in an absolutely horrific fashion after dressing up their Tiger for the 10,000 time solely for their fake internet friends on Instagram.  Personally, I can’t wait.





This one made me laugh out loud. Owning a monkey is over the top so I don’t even know what owning a monkey, dressing that monkey up in thousand dollar pajamas then catching that monkey sleeping on your bed is. Different stratosphere.





Double PS

This is what happens when you make your women wear sheets all the time. You have guys sleeping with monkeys and tigers just to get their jizz on.