These Dudes Built A Drone That Can Lift A Damn Person

Siiiiiiiiiiick as fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. As everybody knows I’m a big drone guy who doesn’t own a drone. It’s in my best interests to never ever own a drone. I would Hank myself so fast with even the smallest drone on the market so I can’t even imagine how many limbs I’d lop off if I was given control of that bad boy that can lift humans. It’s still awesome. They even put Christmas lights on it which I thought was a nice touch. You know what I find interesting? I feel like at a certain point drones are gonna get so big and so powerful that everybody is gonna be like, “Oh yeah. We already have these things. They’re called helicopters.” That’s bound to happen at some point. Don’t get me wrong. Drones are sick. That drone that can lift a snowboarder all around town is super dope and I’m sure the military is already contacting these guys about buying them out. But at a certain point drones and helicopters are gonna bump up against each other in terms of technology and we’re all gonna realize it at the exact same moment.