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Jim Norton, Sam Roberts, and Asa Akira On The Jim & Sam Show On Sirius XM

The earliest I’ve ever had to go into work at Barstool is 10am. I generally wake up, leisurely have coffee with my parents, get myself together over the course of a couple of hours. I calculate a full hour for the commute, leaving ample time for things like retakes of selfies and snapchats of my walk.

Yesterday morning all of that was abruptly interrupted when I was called in as a guest on the Jim&Sam Show on Sirius/XM. I’ve known one of the hosts, Jim Norton, for a few years now. Knowing the morning would be full of robust conversations of buttfucking pre-op transsexuals, I set my alarm for 6am (that’s 3am LA time) and trekked through Rockefeller center during rush hour.

What came of the interview was absolutely worth it. We spoke of dying dogs, feminism, and getting shit on for the first time. In addition to buttfucking.

Enjoy the recap in the video above : )