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Security Guard Gets Caught Seemingly Jerking Off To Cheerleaders At The Chargers Game

That guy definitely thought he had stumbled upon the perfect crime. Cracking stick with the tried and true “hand the pocket” technique. Just slap a coat and sunglasses on him and he is the Incognito Window dude to a tee. Sure he is in a stadium that holds tens of thousands of people. But that’s not the problem. The problem is that he did it at a Chargers/Raiders game. Philip Rivers said he had to go to a silent count at home. So if you were at Qualcomm on Sunday, you were either a crazy Raiders fan cheering on the Raiders or a bored Chargers fan looking for some sort of deviant that you could film and make a viral video of.

And this security guard would have gotten away with it too if it wasn’t for some guy going full Zapruder from the stands. Not only does he zoom in way to close for comfort on the friction going on in those pants, but he connects the fucking dots with by panning over to the cheerleaders. Exhibit A and Exhibit B your Honor. And if you want Exhibit C to really drop the hammer, that black digital watch screams “Creepy dude that may jerk off on the field while at an NFL game”.