IMAX Mistakenly Posted A Trailer For The New Mummy Movie Without Most Of The Sound Effects And Its Actually Pretty Goddamn Funny

Oh man, Tom Cruise is going to be sending out his Scientology lieutenants to take down whatever kid forgot to mix in the sound for this trailer. Nobody is going to The Mummy movies for the plot or the dialogue. They are going for some mindless explosions, cool special effects, and if possible, The Rock. Well they are already missing The Rock and every cool explosion in the first trailer was missing its boom. Sure it was funny if not weird as fuck to hear these screams, but that’s not going to put butts in the seats and popcorn in the guts. Then again, I’m sure there is a very specific segment of freaks in the world that LOVED hearing this screaming. No doubt it my mind that people can get off to just the screams of other people. But that’s more of a topic for KFC Radio. And I’m throwing out my “This could be a fake video released on purpose so it would go viral” disclaimer since it is impossible to trust anyone anymore. No honor on the internet these days. Sad!

*I was just kidding about the Scientology lieutenants, Tom. I know they don’t really exist.

(Please don’t send them after me)