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A Guy Talked An Ungodly Amount Of Shit To A Black Dude Until One N-Bomb And Then It Was Lights Out

Can’t say that one wasn’t well deserved. That was a monumental amount of shit talk from the alleged Marine veteran that I’m sure he really believed he could back up. And I think even the black dude wasn’t sure about it either; you never know if a drunk mouthy white dude is an actual hard to handle problem and or someone who’s just whiskey brave. And for that reason and knowing how it looks to assault a 50-something white dude, I fully believe the black guy would have let him go on forever with his shit talking. But the white guy just couldn’t get enough. He was either itching for a fight or just loving a chance to tee off verbally on a dude because his life sucks so bad. But then he got greedy. He thought he could say the roughest thing you could say to a black dude as an exclamation point to his tirade and walk away with it, that he was so intimidating that he could say something so awful and not even get a reaction. Nope. You push a man so far and he’s going to fight back. It was a perfectly deserved response and seeing this dude pick his teeth and dignity up off the floor afterwards was poetry.

Also I’m not sure whose side the camerawoman was on but after that whole situation escalated due to an n-bomb, it does not seem like the time to say the same n-bomb over and over again to point out where the KO’d dude went wrong. That wasn’t like a free n-bomb zone on the Monopoly board. I’d tread lightly when the righteous fists of black justice are flying around is all I’m saying, seemed like she was relishing the opportunity to say it out loud a liiiiittle too much too.