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Notre Dame Player Surprised By His Brother Coming Home From Afghanistan In One Of My Favorite Military Reunion Videos Ever

Notre Dame’s Matt Farrell was surprised by his brother, Bo, who was deployed in Afghanistan. Matt and Bo’s parents were in attendance and were also surprised when Bo walked around the corner. Check out the emotional surprise in this ACC Must See Moment!

Just a heads up, this isn’t planking or Harlem Shaking or Mannequin Challenging. Some things on the internet just never get old. I put people being surprised by their family members who have just spent years putting their lives on the line and fighting for their country overseas in that category.

I draw the line at saying “All The Feels” like every tweet that has this video attached, so I’ll just leave it with – that’s really fucking awesome.


Also in that category are “college kids getting surprised by scholarships and mobbed by their teammates” so please never stop sending those either.