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Redskins vs Panthers "Pants Full Of Poop" MNF Live Blog

I’m nervous. You’re nervous. We’re all nervous. A Skins win tonight would be huge for the playoffs. Huge, huge, huge.

The good news? They warmed up listening to Christmas music. That gives Kirk such an edge. Also, Carolina kinda stinks. So that’s good too.

The bad news- The Skins stink in primetime. Out of 17 MNF games at FedEx, the Skins have won 2 of them. Sure most are with other coaches, other players, has nothing to do with tonight, but still. 2/17. Not great, Bob!

All day all I’ve thought is “yep, this is when Cam goes off for 400 and 4 TDs. This is the game”. The optimist in me wants inner me to stfu and believe, but the guy who has seen DC sports sadness over and over knows if something can go wrong, it will go wrong. So that’s why my pants are filled with poop.

Prediction? Skins 31, Panthers 24. HTTR.