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Golfer Tries To Hit A Shot Off A Frozen Pond, Falls, Is Definitely Probably Dead

Ummmmmm I feel like I need more information before I can make any jokes. Because there’s about a 97% chance that dude is dead and gone. Dude was all the way in the water and I sort of appreciate the calmness of the guy’s friend while he watched a man die. He kept the camera steady and everything. A true pro like the photographer today who watched a Russian ambassador get gunned down right in front of his face but still had the wherewithal to keep snapping pictures. Photographers and your buddy taking a video on his cell phone are the true heroes. I mean I guess they probably wouldn’t have posted the video if he died but you never know. People will do anything for Favs and RTs. Especially since I am almost certain that kid is dead. I’ve seen the show Fargo. Falling into a frozen body of water almost always results in death. Hell of a way to go though. Chunked the fuck outta that shot and died. Sad.