Emmanuel Sanders Dumps All Over Malcolm Butler


Well, I guess we were all wrong. If you watched the Pats-Broncos and thought Emmanuel Sanders wasn’t a factor or saw that he had 3 catches on 6 targets for 48 yards or noticed that his team scored a total of 3 points and thought maybe, just maybe Malcolm Butler had a good game against him, you were wrong. Child please.

I mean, who are you gonna believe, Sanders or your lying eyes? Or the stat sheet. Or the scoreboard. It’s Cover-2. Anybody can play that. Of course, that does sort of beg the question why, if it’s so easy that it can render a 1,400-yard receiver essentially useless, everybody doesn’t simply use Cover-2 all the time against everybody else. Or sign Princeton Sanders. But that’s not for us to understand. That’s between Emmanuel and Butler.

And Butler know better. As should we all. Emmanuel Sanders dominated Butler, look at the tape. A people should know when they are conquered.